Development and Information Design Services

Transforming Data into Information

Good information improves communication. Good communication results in shared understanding. Understanding lets us do more.

At Monowai we believe that, as technologists, we should be striving to enable all stakeholders to collaborate and communicate with good information and a shared understanding of the business. If data represents the lifeblood, then information is the circulatory system that gives us context. Aligning process, information and systems gives both a technical and operational understanding of a business. An information centric approach to data improves communication helping everyone understand their business and in-turn offers richer customer experiences. At Monowai, we integrate business process analysis, domain driven design and advanced software development techniques to achieve business focused outcomes.

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About us

We design and build back-end information centric systems that are easily integrated with mobile, social, and enterprise applications.

Located in New Zealand, with a wealth of international experience, Monowai is a boutique consultancy that is utilizing next generation databases and development techniques to help businesses of all sizes make better decisions.

We deliver REST based services, in the microservice style, aligned to business capabilities. All services have complete regression tests and are designed with integration in mind. Our development process is managed using the Atlassian suite for collaboration and visibility.

Our team are integration gurus used to working in complex environments, both enterprisy and proprietary.

We offer design and ad-hoc consultancy services with Java Spring technologies, NoSQL databases, and the Atlassian suite.

To showcase our capabilities, Monowai have designed and developed FlockData, an open source information integration service for NoSQL data stores, that effortlessely turns your relational data into Graph and Search databases.

FlockData helps you find what you're looking for at the speed of business.